Don’t have your MBA yet?
Use Factor 10 Results™

Profitable Problem Solving™ is a comprehensive strategy that includes an easy to follow guide to problem solving.

A tremendous part of your success in solving problems in a profitable manner includes your ability to attach future value to your solution is a manner that your CEO will want to hear about. In other words, you will learn to talk the language of value.

With Factor 10 Results™ and Profitable Problem Solving™, you will learn to utilize Factor 10 Results™ as a method of scaling the value of your solution across a larger group of people, processes, or organizations to aggregate value. Factor 10 Results is a proxy for non-financial managers to utilize when communicating future value of organizational initiatives. Utilizing Factor 10 Results™ in your solution will get the attention of executives and differentiate you as a true problem solver on your way to great rewards.